We strongly recommend making reservations well before you plan to be here! Rental properties fill quickly, sometimes as much as a year in advance, particularly for the summer season. However, even if it is short notice, give us a call. We may still be able to accommodate you or help with other arrangements.

We have a number of properties available and can work with you to find the right home or condo, or even multiple properties to accomodate your group. Please note that on our properties, Spring, Fall, and Winter rates are discounted from the summer peak rates. We also have long term rentals available if you'll be staying for awhile - check here or get in touch with us!

The minimum stay is as little as 2 or 3 nights up to 30 days, depending on the property (please check each listing or contact us for details), and we offer discounts for a week or more. For long-term rentals (those of 30 days or more), please call us for lease terms and conditions, as they vary from property to property.

This is our Managment Agreement for Vacation Rentals -
properties that allow pets include a pet addendum,
call or email and we'll send you a copy:

Rental Agreement
This rental agreement (“Agreement”) is between West Yellowstone Vacation Rentals, the home owner’s property managers (“Managers”) and the individual(s) named on the Reservation Confirmation (“Renters”). The Managers agree to rent the property named in the reservation quote and described as and located at the address listed on the Reservation Confirmation (the “Home”) to the Renters under the following conditions:

1. RESERVATION DATE: The date the reservation is confirmed by the Managers as noted on the Reservation Confirmation.

2. LENGTH OF TERM: This Agreement is to rent the Home for the reserved nights, starting at 4:00 PM on the Check-in Date (“Check-in Date”) and ending at 10:00 AM on the Check-out Date. Because we book our homes back to back, a late checkout means that the cleaning staff will likely not be able to clean this and/or other homes during the allotted time before other guests arrive, so a late departure has a detrimental effect on a lot of people! IF THE RENTERS HAVE NOT VACATED THE HOME BY 10:00 AM OF THE LAST DAY OF THEIR STAY, THE MANAGERS WILL CHARGE THE RENTERS A PENALTY EQUIVALENT TO AN ADDITIONAL DAY’S RENT USING THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE FOR THE SECURITY DEPOSIT. EVEN IF CHARGED A PENALTY, RENTERS WILL STILL BE REQUIRED TO VACATE THE HOME IMMEDIATELY. If the additional rent exceeds the available balance on the credit card used for the Security Deposit, the Managers have all other remedies to recover the costs. The Managers will use whatever means, including law enforcement assistance if necessary, to ensure that Renters vacate the Home in ample time for Managers to clean and maintain the home before the arrival of the next Renters.

3. RENT: The Renters agree to pay the full rental amount, including taxes, cleaning fees, and any other fees as listed in the reservation quote and/or reservation confirmation to rent the Home for the reserved nights. An initial deposit (“Reservation Deposit”) of 50% of the total rental amount is due before the reservation will be confirmed. The remaining balance (“Final Payment”) is due thirty (30) days prior to the Check-in Date. If the Check-in date is less than thirty (30) days from the Reservation Date, full payment for the reserved dates is due when the reservation is made.

4. DEPOSIT: For properties booked online the Renters must obtain Property Damage Protection insurance (“Damage Insurance”) or pay a refundable Damage Deposit (“Damage Deposit”) via VRBO and its agents in an amount as required in the individual property listing, per the property rates page or online booking system. For reservations made by other means, a valid Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover credit card is required as a security deposit (“Security Deposit”) and must be on file prior to the Check-in Date and before the reservation will be confirmed. A good faith Reservation Deposit is required per the terms of item “3” above and will be applied toward any amounts due for the Remaining Balance. Once the Rental Agreement is accepted and the Reservation Deposit is made, we will send the Renters a Reservation Confirmation. Please let us know if you do not receive a Reservation Confirmation, because your reservation is not secured without it!

5. CANCELLATION: If the cancellation is made more than ninety (90) days before the Check-in Date, the Renters will receive a full refund of any Reservation Deposit payments made, less a $_50.00_ cancellation fee and less any Credit Card surcharges. If the Renters cancel their reservation ninety (90) days or less prior to the Check-in Date, no refund of the Reservation Deposit payments will be available unless the Managers are able to rent the home for some or all of the cancelled days. The Renters will receive a prorated refund for the days the home is rented less a $_50.00_ cancellation fee and less any Credit Card surcharges. Final Payment/payment in full, including taxes and fees is due thirty (30) days prior to the Check-in Date. For reservations cancelled thirty (30) days or less from the Check-in Date, no payments are refundable. There are no refunds for early departures, late arrivals, or Renters choosing not to use the home for their reserved dates. In the very unlikely event that the Managers are forced to cancel the reservation before the Renters arrival, the Mangers will either provide an alternate rental property of equal or better value, or will provide a full refund immediately.

6. USE: The Renters will use the Home in a reasonable manner, including minimizing utility costs (keeping doors/windows closed, turning off the water, etc.). The Renters will not use the Home for disorderly or unlawful purposes. There will be a locksmith charge for keys not left upon departure. The Home is in a residential neighborhood and the Renters agree not to interfere with neighbors’ quiet enjoyment of their residences.

7. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE: The maximum occupancy of the home is as indicated in the property listing and on the Reservation Confirmation. All people over age one are counted as guests. Children under the age of 18 must not be left unattended.

8. PETS/SMOKING: Pets are not allowed anywhere on the premises. Smoking is not allowed inside the home or garage or any outbuildings. If the Renters violate this provision they will be charged for any additional cleaning and repair required to restore the property and Home to its original condition prior to the Renters use, including but not limited to any sub-contracted work required, and for replacement costs of any damaged furnishings or fixtures (including but not limited to furniture, carpet, and window blinds/drapes).

9. FIRES AND FIREWORKS: Fireworks and other hazardous materials are not allowed at the Home. Open fires of any kind are not allowed in the home or on the property, except as allowed as noted in fireplaces and burn pits particular to the properties that have them available for use. Please contact us if you are unsure about what is Ok!

10. PARKING: Parking is restricted to the driveway at the Home and public street parking as allowed per local municipal codes.

11. SUBLET: The Renters may not sublet the Home.

12. MAINTENANCE: The Managers will make every effort to assure the appliances and other appurtenances in the Home are in operating condition. The Managers will correct problems when they are discovered; however, due to the remote location of our town and the unavailability of parts and services locally, repairs may not be immediate. The Renters are asked to inform the Managers of any problems with the home; the Managers do not accept liability for any problems for which the Renters have not given notice. We do not accept liability for any inconvenience arising from utility outages or acts of god or other situations beyond our control.

13. RIGHT OF ACCESS: The Managers may access the Home for repairs and maintenance during reasonable hours. If the Managers believe there is an emergency, they may enter at any time.

14. DAMAGES: The Renters agree to use all furnishings and appliances with the utmost care and to leave the Home so extraordinary housekeeping will not be required. The Damage Insurance, Damage Deposit and/or Security Deposit protect the property owners and their Managers against excessive cleaning and damage to the Home or the property. The Managers will notify the Renters in writing of damages or extra cleaning costs within seven (7) days of the Renters departure. The credit card used as the Security Deposit will be charged for any missing items or damages within seven (7) days of the Renters departure unless the Renters make other arrangements with the Managers. If the damages or extra cleaning costs exceed the available balance on the credit card used for the Security Deposit, or exceed the amount of the Damage Deposit, or are above the amounts covered by the Damage Insurance or for whatever reason are not covered by the Damage Insurance, the Managers have all other remedies to recover the costs. The Renters will pay replacement value, including any labor, travel, and shipping costs, for items lost or damaged during their stay.

15. TERMINATION: You will be required to vacate the premises immediately and forfeit the rental fee if any of the preceding clauses are violated, including but not limited to exceeding the number of occupants allowed on the property; causing damage to the property or any neighboring properties; smoking or having pets on the premises; and causing any disturbances that interfere with the neighbors’ quiet enjoyment of their residences.

16. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The Renters agree to inform the Managers immediately of any unsafe or dangerous conditions they encounter with the Home. The Renters understand and acknowledge there are risks associated with renting the Home. These risks include but are not limited to natural and manmade accumulations of snow, wildlife on the property, accessible mechanical equipment, kitchens and bathrooms which differ in design from what the Renters are accustomed to, etc. Due to changing building standards, the Home may not meet current building and safety codes. The risks associated with renting the Home are different from those associated with staying in a hotel or resort and could result in death or serious bodily injury.

17. INDEMNIFICATION: The Renters release the property owners and the Managers from liability for and agree to indemnify the property owners and their Managers against losses resulting from the Renters’ actions.

18. DAMAGES: The Renters’ sole remedy under this Agreement will be to recover monetary damages up to the amount paid in rent and deposit. Specific performance will not be granted.

19. VENUE AND CHOICE OF LAW: Any legal action under this Agreement must be filled in Montana Eighteenth Judicial District Court and adjudicated under Montanan law.

20. ATTORNEY’S FEES: The prevailing parties are entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs in any action to enforce this Agreement.

MY PAYMENT OF THE RESERVATION DEPOSIT INDICATES THAT I HAVE READ THE RENTAL AGREEMENT AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE ABOVE CONDITIONS. I have had the opportunity to ask the Managers any questions concerning the Agreement. I understand that my failure to abide by this Agreement may result in termination of my reservation and forfeiture of my deposit and rental fees. If damages or missing items are found upon departure, or if I fail to vacate the Home by 10:00 AM on the last day of my reservation, I grant permission for the credit card used for the Security Deposit and any Damage Insurance to be charged per the terms of this Agreement.


Thank you for you Reservation! We look forward to having you stay with us, and hope that your

West Yellowstone Vacation is pleasurable and memorable!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience or for our future guests! The rates do not include the MT State Lodging & Facility Taxes that create a 7% total state tax on lodging revenues, nor do they include the 3% resort tax billed for properties located within the city limits of West Yellowstone. Montana has no sales tax.


Thank you for booking your vacation rental with us!

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